12155 Magnolia Avenue Unit 10-E,
Riverside, CA 92503

Phone: (951) 279-7705
CSLB Lic # 962294

Quote Number 0689
Quote Date July 24, 2019
Valid Until January 20, 2020
Total $167,244.00
Cushman & Wakefield

5570/5578 Bandini Blvd., Bell
We hereby propose to furnish all equipment and materials, and perform the labor necessary for the completion of the following work

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Demo partitions walls, hard lids, t-bar ceiling, laminate flooring, carpet, remove all air ducting above t-bar in back office (recycle all light fixtures, ballast, and bulbs).... this includes chemically remove & scrape glue, machine scrub & seal at demoed areas

Haul away all debris off site

1 Demo VCT, carpet, all fixtures & accessories from 3 restrooms, remove drywall from restroom (to allow for backing to installed), remove break room cabinet & sink, remove wall paper from restroom, remove foil from warehouse ceiling, scrape all stickers/ misc items, and abandoned wire in warehouse & offices.... remove all blinds/ TV mount in front office and shelf's from 2 storage rooms
1 Safe-Off Mechanical, electrical & fire sprinklers
1 Install backing for grab & new sinks, drywall smooth finish, new FRP for all 4 walls in (3 restrooms) exhaust fns, LED wrap around each light, new GFI outlets and sensor switches for all 3 restrooms
1 Plumbing all new turn valves and hoses, ADA compliant Kohler toilet with pressure tank and front open commercial seat, ADA compliant Kohler wall hung sink & levered faucet
1 All new accessories provided witch includes mirror, paper towel dispenser, toilet dispensers, seat covers, toilet paper holder, sets of wall and door restrooms signs, 2 grab bars per toilet ( 3 sets of each)
1 Install 2 ADA restroom compliant on first floor office ( demo existing t-bar, saw cut breakaway, remove & dispose concrete plumbing trench, re-pour finish concrete, install plumbing for 2 toilets, 2 sinks, 2 floor drains) framing, drywall, electrical, mechanical, painting, FRP, flooring instillation, finish plumbing fixtures- Kohler pressure assisted toilets & sinks

Alternate includes contractor fee

1 Electrical- replace all switches, outlets and blank covers with new white Decora devices in al offices and warehouse offices/ with 8 new Exit signs in offices with new power/ 4 new Exit signs in warehouse metal doors with new power
1 Replace light lens in office, replace 6 broken light fixtures, 6 burn out ballast, replace cool white T-8 4ft light bulbs,
1 Provide 8 New 1x4 Surface mounted flat panel lights for mezzanine
1 Replace 10 burnt out ballast, 40 t-8 8 ft. light bulbs , raise 130 T-8 Strip lights to 26 O.F.F. in warehouse
1 T-Bar – Repair any damaged grid and replace approx. 100 pcs of tile
1 Complete ADA compliant sink with levered faucet, and garbage disposal

Provide power and switch for new garbage disposal

1 7 L.F. of new uppers and lower laminate cabinets with counters
1 Replace 8 grills and 2 thermostats HVAC
1 Install approx. 4 new complete solid core legacy oak doors with timely frames and new levered hardware and replace 13 levered door knobs
1 Close off 2 window opening, 5 door opening, patch & finish all existing damages
1 Paint 4 metal hollow doors with oil paint, 17 Frames and doors and 3 window frame, 13 columns safety yellow , T-Bar and hard lids, offices, restrooms and warehouse
1 2 lift rentals for one month
1 Install carpet, base, VCT flooring
1 Steel Doors - front door, roll-up door #1 furnish and install 4 rollers, add weight, adjust slide locks, pop rivet bottom sheeting, two new pull ropes and lube door , roll-up door #2 Furnish and install one bottom channel with Z rail, 2 corner gussets and lube door, and hollow meta doors

HMD #2 – Furnish and install 3’x7’ hollow metal door with hinges and sweep strip. Use all other existing hardware and frame. HMD #3 – Furnish and install 3’x7’ hollow metal door with hinges, schlage mortise lockset and sweep strip. Use all other existing hardware and frame. HMD #4 – Furnish and install 3’x7’ hollow metal door with hinges, schlage mortise lockset and sweep strip. Use all other existing hardware and frame.

1 Final construction clean up in ofices, restrooms, windows wash, strip & wax VCT, broom sweep warehouse floor
1 Epoxy repair crack in warehouse
1 Contractors Fee $15,204.000.00%$15,204.00
Sub Total $167,244.00
Tax $0.00
Total $167,244.00

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